About Us

Message from the President

Since our founding in 1966, we have continued to produce high-quality pearl nuclei, delivering products that meet the times and our clients’ needs. We are supported by many companies not only in Japan but also overseas, so that our services now extend beyond national boundaries.

We cherish the achievements and experiences we have cultivated thus far, even as we passionately strive day in and day out to create new products that we hope will drive the pearl industry into the future.

We also accept consultations on pearls, so please feel free to contact us.

Our History

1966: Foundation

Our company was founded 1966, with domestic pearl producers making use of our pearl nuclei.

1985: International Expansion

Since 1985, we have also sold our products to pearl producers in 17 countries around the world.


At present, in addition to conventional pearl nuclei, we have achieved excellent results with completely new types of high-quality pearl culturing nuclei (FNC-α nuclei, FNC-clear nuclei) and ANGE nuclei that make full use of biotechnology.

Address & Information

Company nameIMAI SEIKAKU CO., LTD.
Location1954-1 Torikaiura Goshiki-cho Sumoto Hyogo Japan 656-1344
Telephone number(+81)799-34-0027
CEOTakuya Imai