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  • The world admitted, FNC Bio Nucleus

    We are the best of the pearl nucleus producer in the world for the quality and actual result.

The patent has been acquired. (NO.62309272)
The registered trademark has been acquired.


  • Normal Nucleus

    Our products uses the highest quality natural shellfish from America (Kentuckylake).
    High Quality Nucleus SIZE: 6.2 bu (18.8mm) ~ 1.5 bu (4.6mm)

  • Normal Nucleus
  • Normal Nucleus
  • Pearl Nucleus


  • FNC BIO Nucleus

    FNC BIO Nucleus

    The FNC BIO nucleus differs from existing bio-coated nuclei.
    The FNC BIO nucleus contains a unique mixture of a variety of components and uses the highest quality natural shellfish from America (Kentucky Lake).
    This product offers a superlative nucleus surface produced under our company's strict product quality-control, with coating strength provided by our ionized integrated coating process.
    These unique components continually work within the reproductive area to provide high-quality pearls and a healthy long life for the mother of pearl.

    (Patent acquired, Patent No. 62309272)

  • FNC BIO Nucleus

    FNC- α BIO Nucleus (First operation)

  • FNC-Clear Bio Nuclear

    FNC-Clear BIO Nucleus (Second and third)

  • Difference between cellular adhesion in the surface of the FNC BIO nucleus and an ordinary nucleus

    ※10 minutes after dripping the blood of pearl oysters onto the nucleus,seen under a microscope at 100X

  • FNC BIO nucleus

    (1) FNC BIO nucleus
    Using countless fibronectins on the surface of the nucleus, the cells adhere more rapidly.

  • Ordinary nucleus

    (2)Ordinary nucleus
    Less cellular adhesion occurs on an ordinary nucleus.

A comparison was made in the number of cells for each of the conditions set in A, B, and C.

  • What are fibronectins?

    Natural fibronectins are substances produced within the bodies of animals, and the types of shellfish used for pearl cultivation also produce these substance.
    Fibronectins are used in medical treatments all around the world, and serve mainly as bonding agents promoting adhesion between cells.
    Fibronectins are a type of protein obtained from the blood and bone marrow and occur in fluid form as a sugar protein promoting cellular adhesion.
    In recent years this substance has become essential in medical treatments worldwide.

  • What is the concept and purpose of coating the nuclei with fibronectins?

    This sugar protein promoting cellular adhesion is widely used in medicine to promote rapid recovery from surgery.
    In pearl cultivation as well, transferring control of cellular adhesion makes it possible to control such factors as scratching and waste, and to produce a superlative quality pearl.
    This protein also has a major impact on the mortality of mother of pearl.

    Fibronectins effectively make superlative pearl sac in a shorter time.
    The primary purpose is to accelerate the formation of pearl layers by making countless footholds on the surface of the pearl.


  • Long Life Piece (cellular activation agent)

    From the moment that the sections (“pieces”) are cut out of the mantle lobe of an oyster, the pieces weaken and die, and then begin to decay.
    However, Long Life Piece now uses the power of bio-technology as the main component of the energy source to promote the survival of the pieces.
    The most important means of preventing this process of decay is to suppress the inflammation caused by bacteria proliferating on the pieces that have been cut out.
    In addition, when Long Life Piece that has been dripped onto the pieces enters the reproductive area, this cellular activation agent actively continues to promote growth (activating cellular division) to rapidly enclose the surface of the nucleus with a pearl layer.
    Research has shown that the pieces can survive a full week in the Long Life Peace solution.
    In addition, the wounds caused on the pearl sac by the operation heal more rapidly than with conventional methods (using cellular activation agents from other companies).

  • Cell sap
  • Powder of cell sap


  • Nucleus Case for FNC -α BIO

    Nucleus Case
        for FNC BIO


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